i have so many thing in queue to write about, but this week of birthdays and halloween has gotten me behind...i'm so sorry.

i wasn't going to dress up for halloween, but we decided last minute to throw something together. i didn't want to hand out candy (i figure the world doesn't need any more sugar pulsing through their veins) and so i decided i would give a different kind of "treat." we set up a backdrop and i took pictures of the trick or treaters. i then gave them a slip of paper with the web address and password to a password protected online gallery. 

i was really nervous because i didn't know how people would take it. i didn't want to be one of those creepy people trying to take pictures of their children, but i really thought it would be a nice thing for the parent to have and a nice thing that i could give.

overall people were really really excited about it and appreciative. i used it as a kind of half marketing tool. i didn't want to come across as solely advertising, so i just handed out the little slip of paper.

i had a blast doing it. i actually got to interact with all the cute little kids and they had a lot of fun too.

i was rosie the riveter for halloween (easiest costume in the world!) it was an easy thing to throw together. the [little one] was superman (thank goodness for pj's). this is how the pictures were, most were full length, but just a basic black backdrop with the subject in front. they all turned out so cute. i wish i could share, but maybe you will see some floating through cyber space that people eventually post themselves. 

 so overall, halloween was good at our house. it was fun and rewarding. the man and i ended the night with watching the office and eating delicious chocolate chip oatmeal coconut cookies (yes recipe coming soon!) i hope you all had a great halloween and that you were all safe. i wish you could have come trick or treating at our house, so we could have seen your great costumes and gotten to capture that moment for you! 

Have a great weekend! 

Don't eat too much of your kids candy!


  1. Nice Halloween essay, I think.

    >Don't eat too much of your kids candy!

    Thanks for your post, I could imagine Halloween party.

  2. This is a sweet idea. Ha! Much better than stapling your business card to candy. I've seen that one before. I'm impressed that you were not only able to find a great alternative to giving out candy, you also shared your business.

    1. thank you, i thought long and hard about what to do and it seemed like the best option, to not push your business, but get your name out and give someone something they would enjoy.

  3. I really really love that you did this instead of traditional treats! I wish we had been trick or treating in your neighborhood this year.

    1. me too! hope you and your little family are doing well!

  4. Brilliant idea!!! And business move ;) What a GREAT treat for families :)


    1. thank you. i thought so too. many people have actually ordered prints too. pretty neat.