i can't believe that my baby is 1 year old today! 

she is smart, funny, happy, calming, content, inquisitive, and just perfect (in my eyes of course). there wasn't much that was enjoyable about being pregnant except for that i knew that inside of me there was a little person.  i never imagined i would be so blessed that it was this little person. i loved it when she moved, she seemed to already have this amazing personality before she even arrived. she literally was an angel sent to save my life and over the past year i have experience more joy, and learned more, and felt more love from God than i ever thought possible.

i thought i already loved her before she was born,

but then this happened...

my life was forever changed! 

there was joy beyond description.

that joy has not dimished. in fact it grows stronger and stronger every day and so does the love and gratitude i have for this little girl. as soon as she entered the world, she was alert, observant, and content. She had this look, which she still possesses, that is almost deep contemplation mixed with contentment and understanding. when she looked at you, it felt like she was staring into you.

(her daddy protected her from the beginning with robocop's help)

she has loved water since day 1.

she has grown so fast and time has flown by. i have loved every moment of being her mama.

like i said she LOVES water. she is inquisitive and loves to explore and play.

she melts my heart!

she has 6 teeth, weighs 17.5 pounds and is a bundle of pure joy! she loves to walk and climb and clap. she loves animals. birds and puppies seem to be her favorites. she loves babies and rocks her dolls, carries them around and showers them with kisses. 

she has got her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

Happy Birthday little one! we love you with all of our hearts and are so happy you are ours to take care of and teach. we will do our best. please forgive us of our shortcomings. know that no matter what, we will ALWAYS love you.

may life bring you incredible opportunities and lots of joy! enjoy it all...even the hard stuff 
(it will teach you amazing things).




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  1. Happy birthday to a beautiful child who shares my birthday! Love you, Anna Lee!