i never thought the day would come, but it did. i turned in my road bike for something a little more practical. i said goodbye to this beautiful peace of art and welcomed into my life a hard tail mountain bike and a baby trailer.

Bike Aspect 640 color 2


i'm still crying a little inside, but the practicality of it all makes me feel a little better. pulling a trailer with the road bike just was not comfortable and it was less stable and the noise echoed through the carbon, which i just couldn't handle, so now we have aluminum and a little place for the little one to ride. we are about to set out on our maiden voyage, wish us luck. we are enjoying the 66 degree sunshine! thank you california! good bye, road bike! hello, making memories with my little one! i think it will be well worth the sacrifice!


  1. good choice :) i have a similar set up. and hey- we will be bike touring through california this summer with Leo, so maybe we can stop by and say hi, and you could ride a few miles with us! we are doing the west coast from vancouver to mexico, during august/september. be ready! :)