i wish i was posting some cute pics of my vacation, but i seemed to have had a horrible SD card malfunction (do to user error). you live you learn right? right! but some lessons are a lot easier to learn than others, like backing up pictures and formatting SD cards and and and and and...

So i will just say that the trip was amazing. we got to spend about a week with my family. the man got to spend more time getting to know them and vice versa and the little one got to meet some of her cousins and aunt and uncle and gramps (there is still half the family she still has yet to meet).  

we spent our days walking, cooking, talking, resting, listening to the little one ramble. the man was a jungle gym for a week straight, but is now loved by all the nieces and nephew! we blessed the little one and she wore the dress i wore when i was blessed. we visited with friends we haven't seen for a while and enjoyed the luxury of so many people wanting to help take care of the little one. she did great and did a wonderful job flying. she is getting so big. 

She has to have her shots today, so i am a little nervous and feel bad for her, but i'm hoping she will be okay and convincing myself that it is better to immunize and take that risk, than risk the alternative of not. i'll report how that ends up. 

so sorry that i don't have a plethora of pictures for you, but as soon as i HOPEFULLY recover most of them, they will be up! in the meantime i am off to buy another card and run lots of other errands. there is nothing better than coming back to an empty fridge and having to unpack and doctors appointments...eventually i will be caught up! until then...have a happy day!

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  1. You were at your parents' home? So close and yet so far! I certainly hope we can work it out to see you sometime and meet the loves in your life. Love you and miss you!