i have a confession to make...i am in love with grapefruit! it is true! just look at it!

how could i not be? it is sweet, it is tangy, juicy, refreshing, just delicious. i could find article after article about all of the health benefits (and the risks), but man oh man it sure tastes good. 

it all started last week when i was visiting my parents and my brother brought over a big bowl of them. one taste and it was over! i was hooked! i lost count as to how many i ate while visiting and filled a big bag up at the grocery store today. either my body needs the vitamin C or they really are just that good (probably the first so it can fight off this dang cold!) 

i just ate one and it did not disappoint. i was worried they wouldn't be as good as the ones i had in oregon, but tis the season and they sure are ripe and ready! i like to peel mine rather than eat them cut in half. i peel the whole thing and then peel the individual segments. 

my dad always said that you should eat fruit "in the season thereof" we didn't do very well with the "prudence" bit, but we were thankful and ate as much of a fruit when it was in season so we didn't want it for another year. i am headed that way with grapefruit and loving every segment of it!

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