don't you love her outfit? it used to be mine when i was her age. my mom gave me a few of the things that she has kept for so many years so that i could use them too. i love this little outfit. the mint green is perfect, the lace and the collar are just precious and the little pocket and bloomers. it is adorable. thanks mom for saving it for all of these years! 

i've been thinking a lot about my mom lately. we went to visit and it was so fun to realize how much of my "mothering" i actually get directly from her. we say the same things, talk the same way, sing the same songs, hold the little one the same way. it blows my mind. 

i was never one of those people that dreaded becoming like my mother, in fact i would give anything to be even remotely like her (and have felt that way all of my life), so it made me happy to see that i had in some way become like her. the other night i had one of those moments where you say or do something and realize, wow i sound like my mom! this was just a little moment that has happened over the last few weeks. 

my mom burps babies with her left hand (probably her right too). on her left hand she wears three silver rings on her ring finger. the rings fit loosley and so as she moves her hand back and forth the rings hit together. i burp the little one usually with my right hand, the swelling from pregnancy has gone down (or i have actually lost a little weight or it is cold outside) needless to say my fingers are a little narrower and my rings are fitting loosely. i wear two silver rings on my right hand and as i burped the little one the other night i heard a familiar sound. it was the sound of my mom's rings. the low hollow sound of the little one's back against my hand, accompanied by the sound of light silver rings knocking lightly together. i know, it seems strange, but it was a very calming sound to me, a reasuuring sound of the fact that in this small way i was like my mother. 


  1. I love our moms, and like you, would be very happy to be just like mine. What a sweet outfit and adorable baby girl!

  2. How blessed you are to have grown into some of your mom's wonderful traits. And I'm sure you have some wonderful ones of your own.