today has been such a great day so far! woke up! (with a full 8 hours of sleep) fed the little one, ate breakfast, made the man breakfast, woke him up, the little one played, i got ready for the gym, and then went. it was WONDERFUL! i had gone yesterday and was incredibly sore today, so it took a lot of motivation to get out the door. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! 

i have had a cold for the last week, so yesterday was the first day back at the gym. I did arms and a series of leg and ab workouts. i used the bosu ball to do squats and calf raises, and proceeded to do lunges and various situps and side crunches. I also have been doing a new move on the bosu ball that i really like. it is similar to the motion made on a ski machine, moving side to side. really works the outside of the legs. i used weight machines to work the inside and outside of my thighs. i didn't do a certain number of reps, i do light weight. so generally just do it until i can't do it anymore and then do that two more times. (i don't know if that is the best option, but it works for me.) yesterday afternoon the little one and i walked (i was trying to stretch my legs that began to get sore!) it was beautiful, warm, sunny and still.

today i ran on the elliptical, did a few arm lifts and abs. i am noticing my abs are getting stronger. it feels good to feel that there is actually some muscle underneath what is left of my pregnancy weight gain, hopefully that will eventually decide it is time to leave, i know i wouldn't miss it! the workout was great, the elliptical felt wonderful and is easy on my joints and the stretching and abs and arms felt rejuvenating. all in all a good two days at the gym.

i got home and made possibly one of the best pizzas i have ever made! (i will post it on wednesday) it is called rainbow pizza (i made that up, but it sure is fitting) don't get too excited, but you will see it on wednesday!

hope everyone is doing great and having a great day! how are all of those new years resolutions holding up? fitness goals? eating plans? being kinder? more patient? i hope they are going well! if you need motivation, just know YOU CAN DO IT! good luck and keep it up!

 yeah the street and i have the same name!

she doesn't know yet how cute this giraffe is, but i love it!

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