"the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that st. Nickolaus soon will be here!"

Okay so we don't have a chimney or a fire place, but we do have stockings now and they were so fun to make. One of the great things about them too is that they were not difficult. Okay i will admit, it did take a little thinking to figure out how to do the cuff, but with the help of a great friend and another stocking, we got it. So i know you are all dieing to see these beauties. I am only completely done with two, mine and the little ones, the mans still needs a little work, but it will be done soon (i hope) SO HERE THEY ARE!




These are them. The jean one is a little misshapen, but hey when it is full of stuff no one will care right? I did not use a pattern, so they are far from perfect. a stocking is simple though. cut out the shape a little larger on all sides that you would like, put the part you want showing on the inside, sew all sides except the top and turn inside out. That is all. With the jean i had to sew multiple pieces together before cutting out the shape and then did what i explained above. The other two I made out of upholstery which worked great. it was on sale, and was thick so it holds its shape very well. i cut out the shape, extra long then cut off the top and sewed it reverse side out to the top of each side. i then sewed around the bottom part, turned inside out, then sewed the cuff and then folded it down. I glued small pieces of tulle under the cuff and sewed the pearls on using fishing line. That is all. they are all ready to go and all ready for santa to fill them with goodies. It has been really fun trying to figure out how to play santa and what role he will play in our little family. I still have to put names on the stockings, but i haven't figured out how i want to do that yet. ANY IDEAS? I hope you are all enjoying getting ready for the holidays. Have a great day!


  1. Anna! I am now reading your blog :) I see your posts, and despite your knowing ;) think of ya lots :) these stockings are the cutest things EVER! Love love them! AND making that salad tomorrow :)
    much love, Jessica :)

  2. Cute stockings! For names, you can use rework embroidery. You can write the name on the fabric and then embroider with an outline stitch in red, or gold, or whatever color you like.