My life is wonderful, i couldn't be happier. Each day consists usually of the same sort of things. Waking up in the middle of the night with the little one and hoping she will go back to bed easily (she usually does) then waking up a few hours later again when she wakes up. I then spend the rest of the day doing these things in no particular order. Making breakfast for the man, packing his lunch,  packing up the little one, taking the man to work, coming home, and tidying up the house. This could mean, cleaning the kitchen, laundry, living room, making bed, putting away laundry from the day before, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, sometime amidst all of this I eat breakfast. In the midst of all of this i play with the little one. We play with toys, read stories, practice using her legs, she loves to stand on my lap and lunge up. we talk, I think about what to do for dinner, we go for walks, i typically reorganize something that has gotten out of order. I feed the baby, get her dressed, do more laundry, play with her some more, just snuggle and stare. We then run any errands that need to be ran, sometimes we take the man a surprise. Lately I have been making stockings and getting ready for christmas, so that has been on the agenda as well. It is just a normal life, I love being home with her and am grateful that I can be right now. 

The evenings usually consist of the same sort of things, we pick up the man, eat dinner, he goes to the gym, we get ready for bed, i snag a quick shower while she is sleeping, clean up dinner, watch some tv, hang out with the man, then i lay her down for bed and go to bed as soon after as i can. It all starts over the next day. I love it and couldn't be happier. 

Besides the day to day, we are just getting ready for christmas, working on a few new job prospects for the man, enjoying the cooler weather, I have been trying to sort through my closet and the little ones (i think it is a never ending project of going through clothes and finding ones that fit and don't fit anymore). We are doing great though, happy, healthy and looking forward to the holidays with family. We will be going to see some of my family at the beginning of the new year and I speak for all of us and say WE CANT WAIT!

The little on is growing as well and hit her one month birthday a few days ago. Time sure is flying by.

Other exciting news...I got married! Yeah i am still incredibly happy about that. I made meat balls for the first time a few days back. They turned out really good and I made a new kind of hamburger yesterday which was also really good. I'll post a recipe once i actually know how much of what went into them. We set up the tree and are looking forward to hanging the stocking once they are done. Hope you all enjoy your week. We will be listening to christmas music, finishing stockings, shopping, teaching the little one about jesus and just doing the same old thing. I will also be trying to figure out what i want my Christmas treat to be that we give away each year...i have a few ideas, but haven't decided yet. Happy Holidays.


  1. your daily routine sounds a lot like mine was 32 years ago!!i continued driving my husband to the train station and picking him up every day-even when we had 4 kids under 8. We somehow never got around to getting 2 cars!!
    Enjoy every minute with her--( Carol Lynn Perason's poen Diapering at 4am) it all passes too quickly!

  2. i love this post! I think it will turn into what my days will look like once i get the hang of how to live with a newborn. i am all kinds of disorganized right now. But, the very exciting part about getting married gets only one line??? i want to see a picture, or hear a little about 'the man'. :) congrats- i wish we lived closer, you were always one of my favorites!