These are some headbands that i made for the little one. They were very simple and i promise anyone could make them. I used old clothes and buttons that I had around. It was a great way to use some things rather than throw them away and it made for some really cute accessories. Just use what you have at home. All you really need is to find things with elastic, buttons, lace, etc. I made most of these before she was born, so some are a little too big for her to wear now, but i'm sure they will be fine in a month or so.

For this one i had a dress with some thick elastic straps. I cut the strap, sewed it together and sewed a button on..easy as that.

This is one of my favorites. mostly because it is adjustable. Yeah that is right i had a camisole with bra-like straps on it, so i cut the strap, sewed it together and then cut out different size circles of lace, stacked them on each other and sewed a button on through the center, then sewed it on to the strap.

This is the waist band to a skirt, cut it off, sewed the ends together and sewed on some buttons. 

I used elastic and ribbon for this one. cut a piece of elastic, folded the ribbon and sewed it and the buttons on the elastic.

Again a piece of elastic, cut out circles of an old t-shirt, stacked them on each other and sewed the button through the middle and sewed it on the elastic.

This was made with the waistband to some pajama shorts, cut if off and then removed the bows from the legs of the shorts and sewed them on the waistband.

The next two are made with a pair of old tights. i just cut a cross section out of the leg and it was already a band, so all i had to do was sew on the bows. this one is a hem cut off of a shirt, tied into a bow and sewn on.

This flower is made out of an old shirt. i just cut out the paisley designs, organized them to look like a flower. i sewed them together with a button and then sewed the whole thing onto the band.

This one is a hem of a t-shirt sewn onto a strip of elastic and then has a bow made out of the same hem sewn onto the top.

These bows really are simple and there are endless possibilities. it is a great use of old clothes that you just cant bare to get rid of...i know you have them! I hope you have fun making bows for your little ones or for gifts. What kind of bows do you like to make? Panty hose work great for a comfortable band too, just cut a strip off and sew anything onto the top, like this one.

This is just a piece of panty hose (knee highs actually) with a strip of t-shirt tied in a bow and sewed on top.

Have fun! I promise you can do this!

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