i promise that one day i will be a good "blogger" and actually blog consistently, but life has been crazy and wonderful (like usual). my sister came into town, which was wonderful. she brought along one of my nieces and we had a blast. we went to the aquarium, saw dolphins, played hide and seek, relaxed, ate good food, talked, and just enjoyed each others company. i am so grateful that i have a sister and that we are so close. 

apparently there is an increase in the anchovies in the bay and so there were TONS of dolphins swimming around that we got to see.

enjoying a day at the park.

thank goodness for kids to keep us young!


a little game of hide and seek.

there are many more pictures from the aquarium that i will post later, but it was an awesome week. sure love you and miss you already!

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  1. What a GREAT time! I love the pictures of you two hiding! :)