wow i feel like it has been ages since i last blogged and at the same time i feel like it was yesterday. these last few weeks have flown by with a vengeance. i was busy with pictures and then busy with thanksgiving and now busy trying to catch up and get back into the swing of things while unpacking and editing and cleaning because my sister is coming into town (i can not contain my excitement for that!!!) 

our thanksgiving was great, but very nontraditional (which to be honest i really liked). we didn't eat turkey. we didn't even have potatoes or stuffing, but boy did we eat some good food and a whole lot of it! we woke up and had breakfast (i had a chocolate chip cookie i think everyone else ate cream of wheat) and then played outside. then we came in and had a delicious greek salad that my mother in law made with grilled bbq chicken made by my father in law and warm bread. after we ate, i made a tri-tip and my sister in law made sweet potatoes with pecan streusel on top
(TO DIE FOR!). while all of this was cooking we played outside some more and then went back in and ate some more and then continued playing.  it literally was a day of EATING and enjoying the nice California SUN!

i loved it! we never got over full and the weather was perfect and i didn't gorge myself on mashed potatoes or other things that aren't necessarily my favorite foods, but are just there. instead we chose our favorites and ate LOTS of them!

[the little one] loved helping grandma make salad.

amazing chicken!

we taught the pup how to catch a frisbee.

i love my family! truly truly grateful!

love her!

one of my favorite "faces." she has quite the collection.

anyone that did have a traditional thanksgiving may find that either now or around christmas they will have leftover turkey and ham and have no idea what to do with it. i posted this list last year and have since added a couple of things. just a few ideas of what to do with the loads of ham and turkey in your fridge or freezer.

- Fried Rice
- Stir Fry
- Hawaiian Pizza
-Breakfast Hash
-Breakfast Casserole
- Omelets
- Ham and Sauerkraut Sandwich (or just plain with out the bread)
- Corn Chowder
-Blackeyed Peas and ham
- Lentils
- Split pea soup
- Chicken Cordon Bleu
- French Toast, Waffles or Pancakes with ham on the side
- Breakfast Sandwich
- Ham and Cheese Tortilla
- Pot Pie
- Turkey Noodle Soup
- Turkey Cranberry Sandwich
-Turkey Bacon Avacado Sandwich
-Oriental Salad
- BBQ Turkey Pizza
- Turkey Enchiladas
- Turkey Tacos
- Turkey Stir Fry
- Turkey Sliders
- Turkey Salad Sandwiches
These are just a few ideas. I would love to hear what you do with your leftovers. Please share and enjoy. You can always freeze it and use it over a period of time as well.

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