these little guys are adorable. they are turning 2 years old and 5 months old . 

i love photographing children, especially in their element. i love capturing candids of them doing what they love. this was the perfect shoot for that. 

happy birthdays little one's. 

don't ever stop enjoying the simple joys that life has to offer.

these little guys are blessed with one amazing mama!

[the little one] came along this morning (she and B are friends).

these pictures were so fun to take because in most of them, they both have the exact same expression on their faces. "like father, like son."

 i am working on a few more photo sessions, as well as an insight into my fitness and nutrition regiment (per request.) so the next few days will be about that. 

until then, enjoy these adorable little guys!

...and remember what it was like to enjoy playing with the water hose and pretending you were driving in a car and just being in awe at all of the things that the world had to offer.

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