has anyone ever told you "looks can be deceiving." well, they were right! This cake for instance, looks mouth watering delicious, but hate to break it to you folks...IT'S NOT! it was a major bust. 

[The man] said he didn't even want a cake, but i thought i would suprise him anyway with his favorite kind, so i whipped out my recipe and ramekins and got to it. The first thing that went wrong was that i didn't have vegetable oil, so i debated between olive and coconut, i thought coconut should work fine, but it made the batter really wierd, granular, seperated, it just didn't "cream" together as well as it normally does. I tasted it before i baked it and it tasted fine. In fact i should have just stopped there and we should have eaten bowls of batter.

I think the cake would have been fine with this one difference, but mistake #2 happened. I over baked the cake (very easy to do with a toddler). So no more yummy moist chocolate cake, we had a crumbly dry ugh cake. I thought, "well maybe if i put extra frosting on it, it will cover it up"...NOPE! 

This cake usually has a really delicious Dark Chocolate Ganache, but i was overly confident in my ganache making skills and my ganache "split." I never knew there was a term for it until i had to google to try and figure out how to save it. (it almost looks looked like it curdled) In the meantime i tried adding more chocolate, powdered sugar, and well nothing helped. i finally added a bit more warm cream and whipped it and it came back together, but there was no coming back from the powdered sugar, more chocolate mistakes. It tasted good and looked like it would be fine, but once it cooled completely it became hard and dry. It was not  the easily melty amazing ganache. 

It looked pretty, but didn't taste great! I learned a lot. Which is what i tell myself for a lot of days of my life! 

Learn from it and move on. 

Next time i'm going to try a different recipe and actually follow the one for the ganache, so if you have any favorite chocolate cake recipes please share!

We topped the cake with whipped cream and it helped a little, but the pictures are way better than the cake! 


Sorry I don't have a great cake recipe to share...I'll work on it! 

Enjoy the pictures and just pretend it tasted good. :)

...and remember looks can be deceiving.


  1. You're right! It sure looks yummy! But at least your family was all smiles :)

    1. That's what i thought. [the little one's] birthday is soon, so maybe i can redeem myself! :)

  2. Oh no, what a shame....it does look really great!!! I am not awesome at baking, but I have a great recipe that I use...works every time!! http://smartpartyplanning.com/easy-chocolate-cake/

    1. Thank you Catherine. I will definitely try that one!