i wish i could say i had learned everything there was to know about spiders from "charlottes web," but i am afraid such was not the case. in fact this morning i realized i know pretty much nothing about spiders, besides most people are scared of them and that they have eight legs. After this morning i have a TON of questions about them, so if anyone is a spider expert out there, please share your wisdom. 

i was walking this morning, the same place i have walked or ran every morning for the last two weeks and i saw something i had never seen before. after seeing it, i was in shock that i had never noticed all of the spider webs before (it could have something to do with the concentration required to push a jogging stroller, jog/walk, while trying to leash train an energetic puppy) but needless to say. today i was LOOKING! i had brought my camera along, so i could take some pictures if anything presented itself and sure enough, it did! 

they were everywhere. i thought there was just the one and i thought, wow! that is beautiful, but then i kept looking and there were more and more and more.

some were huge and up high,

others were low and small and tighter nit,

some were small and spread apart.

there was large and low.

and high in corners of man made objects,

some were more "perfect" than others,

and some were just breathtaking!

there were others that just looked like cob webs, and it made me think. do spiders already know how to build webs? is it learned? is it preference? or genetic? does the type of web match the type of spider? does one type lend itself to better hunting? do they do it based on WHAT they want to catch? again, is there preference?

it reminded me of people, and all of those webs to me were beautiful this morning. some i was more partial to, and some i appreciated for what they were. i related to days when i would want a low loose web just to get by and others when i would love to spend all day created a beautiful, perfect, expansive, masterpiece.

i am grateful for choice and grateful not to know all of the answers to the spider questions because i would like to believe they have preference, that they have choice, that they learn and change their minds, and that some are lazy and others are too up tight. 

that they are like all of us.

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