life has been crazy lately to say the least. we moved. we are still in the same town but different location, we got a puppy and our little girl is just getting cuter and cuter everyday! we are happy and doing well. not much to write besides that, i think the pictures speak for themselves..ENJOY!

the little one tried a little rice cereal...i think she enjoyed it, she liked bananas and avocado and peas so far too.

she loves the puppy!

just can't get enough of this little smile!

a new bbq pizza i made...it really was yummy.

 love everything and everyone in these pictures!

 "dad, hurry give me a drink before mom sees!"

 "oops, we were caught!"

 "oh well, she won't mind!"

this is Seraphine, we call her Sera for short! she is an australian cattle dog and the newest member of our family!

life is busy, but life is grand!


  1. Busy, busy, busy! What fun things you have happening! What a cute little puppy and even cuter baby - how do you get anything done with those kissable cheeks crying out for attention? I hope the move went smoothly and that you're getting settled. Do you like your new place?

  2. My daughter ,Rachel has an Australian cattle dog mix! He is great with the 3 kids-very protective of them and tends to nip,as I guess they are bred to nip the ankles of sheep?He is easy to train and obedient and low key.

  3. I love love love everything about this post! The photo of her licking the cup with Louie is absolutely adorable, as is Sera! Love and miss you guys!