this pizza is almost identical to the veggie pizza that i have posted in the past except for a few little things. it was sooooo good! must have been the amount of cheese and extra sauce and i used a different dough that i actually like better than the other. so all in all it turned out a little better!

this pizza is topped with red, orange, yellow, and green peppers, olives and red onions (or like the man insists PURPLE onions).  pre saute the veggies just slightly with a little salt.i didn't use mushrooms which i think added to the colorful effect of the peppers and onions. i think next time i might even not add the olives so it is just colorful.

i used monterey jack cheese and feta and used whole foods pre made whole wheat dough. 

it turned out so good even the little one loved it! just kidding, she didn't take part, but i'm sure she wished she could. she smelled it and touched it and looked at it. and watched while it was made. 


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