I haven't made pizza in sooo long! it is hard to believe we were eating it almost two times a week and i think it has been two weeks now since i have made anything that even resembles it. that is until yesterday! yesterday we made pizza rolls. my sister told me that they love making these and so we gave them a try and they were delicious. 

1.Take your dough and roll it into a large rectangle. Top with olive oil, cheese and other toppings you would like. we used Olive oil, Cheese, Diced Green Peppers, and Garlic Powder. 

2. Roll up like a cinnamon roll and slice. Place on greased or cornmealed (that is a new word) cookie sheet and Bake according to dough instructions. I baked mine and then broiled the top for just a minute to get them nice and brown on top.

3. Remove from oven and serve with your favorite sauce. We used a homemade Spicy Marinara.

This recipe is simple, versatile and great for making ahead. Rolls can be frozen and used in lunches with different sauces. Kids love it and so do adults!


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  1. Wow~ this is such a quick and easy meal to make~ may I ask you to link your post to my Foodie Friday linky party so that my readers will learn this too?