i once came across a blog called "every woman has an eating disorder." and while i thought it was clever and it caught my attention, i didn't agree. after much thought i would say "every woman (and man) has a relationship with food."

i was asked by a reader to share what a typical day of eating is like for me. i know this probably seemed like a simple request, but i have thought about this for days (probably getting close to weeks) and how i could best portray my eating habits.

i wanted this to be truthful, candid and real. i wanted in some way to help someone (or many) that may be struggling with their own personal relationship with food.

in doing this i felt a lot of apprehension. i didn't want people to think i have it figured out (i don't). i didn't want someone to assume that because i am thin i eat right and i am always healthy...(remember this). i didn't want people to feel discouraged because of struggles they may already be dealing with or be let down because i didn't have "the answer."

so in writing this, know that i am doing my best to explain what i have learned and only that. there is no scientific proof, i am not a dietician or anything of the sort. i am a woman that has struggled with weight issues for years and through a lot of sweat, discouragement, failed diets, and calories i have finally found what works for ME. if knowing what that is helps any of you in some way. that makes me happy.
 i have decided that the best way to do this would be to talk about my life long relationship with food using the analogy of other relationships that we may have in our lives. there are 10 key points that i thought could help bring some light to this topic.

1. there are not just "healthy" and "unhealthy" relationships.

2. in every relationship peoples needs are different

3. our behavior in our relationships is often learned and a product of observation

4. relationships are not stagnant

5. you are not bound

6. all relationships take WORK

7. there are trained people out there that can help

8. certain things just aren't okay

9. a good relationship is built on a goal

10. only you can decide what works for you

i tried writing all of these in one post and it is just too much information, so this is going to be a series of ten additional posts with each topic having their own day, so stay tuned and i hope this is helpful to someone out there.

blog posts just aren't complete without pictures. this is around the time i started struggling with my weight (and hairstyle and jewelry selection).

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