today i just wanted to give you a breathe of "real life." dirty dishes, caked on food, a messy house, pure exhaustion, burnt dinner...a little of the stuff we can all understand.

i have been trying to capture some images lately that actually portray a different part of "social media" reality. the hard part, the ugly part, the part we often "don't post." something that portrays the nights that you are too tired to touch another dish and then by noon the next day they are still sitting there. or the dirty house that was clean two minutes ago before your toddler dumped and pulled everything out, just to be put away again and pulled out again. 

or this one that happened last night when i tried so hard to make [the man's] favorite dinner (with a tired crying toddler pulling on my legs because she wanted to be held) only to burn the rice right before he came home. i should have opted for steamed rice instead of a Tahdig (Persian rice). 

some days food tastes horrible or is just plain inedible, people have bad days, babies cry or don't sleep, houses are dirty and the only thing you can do is keep going. hope that tomorrow will be better and your energy lasts until your head hits the pillow.

these are little problems compared to so many of the other problems people face, but i think sometimes it is refreshing to see someone else's bad days so you know that you are not alone.


  1. Perfectly said. And I can understand how difficult it can be when trying to cook with toddlers at your feet.