this last weekend we spent some time at the beach. i am so grateful to live in such a gorgeous place that isn't humid and hot! it is cold and foggy and wet, but i can handle that (at least for a while). our new location has lent itself to some great experiences already and i can't wait to see what else is up ahead. 

the little one and i play at parks and swim and go on walks and read stories all while trying to tame our wild dog. we are making new friends and feel very blessed. the man is working a lot and we are so grateful for that. i spend nap times cleaning the house, cooking, and working on all of the random endeavors i have going on i.e blogging, photography, design...oh how the list goes on :) 

today has been a great day so far, we went on a walk (i didn't strangle the dog...i was close!) had breakfast and swam, now for some nap time and cleaning and mommy time...time to tackle this TO DO list before the weekend arrives! 


our plans are to RELAX! i can't wait! what are your weekend plans? anything exciting?

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