i found this video today and i really really liked it.  It is a promotional video for a challenge called the "HOT HEALTHY CHALLENGE." it is being done by clairol. It reminded me of when i was in high school or maybe it was college. i was home visiting one summer and my younger brother and i were having a conversation about my health or weight. i don't remember exactly how it came up, but he mentioned that if i lost a little (by a little at this point it was a lot) of weight i could potentially be a "HOT BABE" those were his words (don't you love brothers...i was blessed with 4 very honest ones!) The conversation continued and we created a plan called "OPERATION HOT BABE" it consisted of eating right and excercising. i don't think this "plan" was the "plan" that changed my life, but it was one step of many that got me to where i am today and got me to a point where i enjoy healthy eating and love excercising. it was A STEP, and believe me when i tell you there are, and have been, lots and lots of STEPS! 

if you find yourself in the same boat, i thought that this challenge actually had some good advice and not just for losing weight, but for being HEALTHY (which is the most important)! 

(a time in my life i wanted so badly to be healthy)

(a time in my life that i feel good about my overall health)

i am not saying at all that weight determines your health, that is not always the case. on my journey to health, i found that when i focused on BEING HEALTHY (eating good, clean foods, in moderation, and exercising consistently, sleeping enough, taking care of my body, mind and spirit) my body transformed itself.

I loved this video because she talks about not fearing good foods, not fearing fat and not just the health of the inside of her body, but protecting the outside too. It reminded me of my mother. We used to joke because you could always tell if my mom had worn your jacket because you would find almonds in the pocket. they were in pockets, under the seat of the car, in the glove box, she took them everywhere. Almonds were my mom's secret and apparently they are Giada's too. I think there is something to be said for that.

 (one of the last pictures i have before i started changing my life)



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