Good Morning everybody! I hope you are having a great day! Today we have been pretty productive, which is nice. We woke up and went for a little run/walk and then did a workout on an outdoor gym at a park. (i will post that later this week.) It felt great and was nice to get outside. We had some yummy oatmeal for breakfast, played, [the little one] got into some mischief and needed another bath. we took quite a few pictures and have really just had a great morning. [the little one] is down for a nap, which means ME time, which = cleaning, blogging, photos.

Last night we had PIGS IN A BLANKET. i don't know about you, but i love hotdogs. i mean LOVE HOTDOGS. I love bratwurst, sausage, ground, patties, bologna, salami, summer sausage, Leberkäse...ect. That delicious, high salt, high fat, delicious MEAT or meat product and i get along very very well! I LOVE IT! ever since i was little i have loved hotdogs in tortillas and so ocassionally we will have these. (i think we used to get them from a place called Taco Box that also had delicious tater tots if i remember correctly.) Last night was the lucky night. i wanted to do something to step these up a bit and so i made a dipping sauce for them, which turned out amazing. i am sure i will use the same sauce on a pizza, or burgers or sandwiches in the near future, so stay tuned. It is AMAZING, but lets get back to those Pigs in a Blanket. mmm mmm mmm.

1. Take your hotdogs and make a slice in them , the full length, but not all of the way through. this helps them to "plump" when you cook them and gives a nice place to put the cheese. (you can use any kind of hotdogs. these are chicken dogs, but anything will work.) 

2. Place hotdogs on grill pan over medium heat and grill all sides.

3. YUM!

4. Grate some cheese. You can use a variety of kinds. this is monterey jack...it's what is in the fridge right now!

Cheese is grated !

Don't judge me. I'm addicted and eat chocolate while i cook dinner and pretty much while i do everything else throughout the day! It's dark though...that means it is good for me!

Dogs are done!

6. Wrap up those piggies! Place slit side up on tortilla, top with cheese, tuck in sides and roll from one end to the other.

7. Place seam side down on skillet over medium heat.

8. Grill on all sides.

Serve with a side of sauce. (yes those are Adams peanut butter lids)



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