I think we all know that being healthy and active is a struggle. It takes other people in our lives to give us inspiration and motivation. It takes people that we can look to as examples, that something really is even POSSIBLE. Some days, most days, it would be a lot easier to not workout, and to eat quick convenient packaged food. I am constantly inspired by people everywhere that choose to live healthy lives and enjoy being active. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the people in my life that have inspired me in the last couple of weeks.


This is my brother Jacob with his son finishing what i believe to be a 50 mile race. He won. Jacob won another race a few weeks ago called the Volcanic 50, which as far as i can tell, a brutal race. He recaps his race here. Jacob is an example of consistency and involving his family and community in his successes and training. He is a high school cross country coach and his example inspires countless young people to also lead an active healthy lifestyle.

This is my brother Tommy (some know him as Rivers). Thomas is training for the Ironman World Championship in Kona this next month. Tommy is intense, he is fearless, and i think some would consider crazy (in a good way of course!) He trains long hours, but still finds ways to involve his family in what he is doing. He is dedicated and determined.

(i consider myself successful when i run with a stroller for up to 3 miles....i think this was a 3 HOUR run...well done Rivs and the little one of course!)


This is my good friend Karley. Karley and i worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center together as waitresses. This picture was a LONG LONG time ago! Karley just competed in her first figure competition and WON! It was a goal she had had for a long time and she decided that now was the time.

She worked so hard to accomplish this goal that she had. She was determined to do it and she did! Karley inspires me to be fearless, to step out on a limb and do something i have never done before! She motivates me to work hard at my goals and to not fear the outcome. I don't know how much Karley knew about what she was getting into, but she found people along the way to help and teach and coach her in order to achieve her goal. She knew she couldn't do it alone. She inspires me to look to others for help when i need it.

Well done Karly Kay! Karley is in the process of starting a blog to share her story, as soon as it is up, i will let you know, so you can all hear about her incredible journey!

 These are the Burtons. We had the great privilege of having them stay with us for two nights while they were touring these past few months. This family is inspiring. They are motivating. They help me realize that children don't have to stop or halt the adventures in our lives, but that it is possible to bring them along. The Burtons just biked from Canada to Mexico with their little boy who is 10 months old. They are easy going, flexible and fun! They love being outside and they know the importance of being active and know how much better it makes life!

You can read more about their story here and here. I was able to do a little photo session with them, so i will post more of those pictures in a different post, but their story is amazing! it will inspire you!

This is my sister Katie. She will be running her first marathon tomorrow. She is a mother of four children and in order to train she runs every morning before her children wake up. Katie is determined, she works hard, she is humble and fierce. She is healthy and teaches her children to be healthy and active as well.

Good Luck tomorrow. you will do great!

There are so many people in my life (those i know personally and those i don't) that give me strength and help me to be my best. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it is also true that adults need a village to help them get through the rest of life. (At least i do!) So, to all of you out there, THANK YOU for inspiring me. THANK YOU for motivating me. THANK YOU for being strong (in so many ways). THANK YOU for teaching and helping me to get through life. THANK YOU!





  1. Anna - I am competing in my first Figure Competition in one week! I can't believe that I've made it this far! I am constantly thanking God for the support in my life: husband, parents, siblings, friends, cousins.... I am so blessed!

  2. Val, that is amazing! i can't wait to hear how it goes. it is on my list one day as well...we'll see if it ever happens. thank you for sharing! good luck and hang in there this week! you'll do great!

  3. Your parents have always been shining examples to me.