all i have to say is OUCH! my body hurts soooo bad! i did this workout two days ago and i am still sore. that could mean two things. 1. i am out of shape or 2. it really was a good workout. i am going to say it is a combination of the two. i haven't done any type of strength training in a while, so that lends itself to sore muscles. this was a great, quick fun workout though.

first of all, i think i have the most adorable workout partner in the entire world, which makes anything i do wonderful! she is easy going and loves being outside, which made this workout a breeze...well all, but the sore muscle part.

we loaded up the stroller and walked/jogged a little over a mile to this outdoor gym.

it had everything i needed to get a nice full body workout in, in a short amount of time. the best things about it were:

1. fresh air
2. no nasty gym smell
3. no mirrors
4. no lines or people trying to use the weights or equipment you are using
5. i got to see and play with my little girl the whole time (she laughed most of the time, i'm sure i looked ridiculous climbing that rope).
6. if you have older kids they can run around and play outside while you do your workout.
7. i got a great workout and didn't have to lift a single weight (just my body)

For this workout i did a circuit. it was various simple excercises i did in a row and then based on how i felt i did multiple sets of the circuit. I didn't take long rests between exercises, just moved from one to the other to keep my heart rate up, although i did stretch a little in between some. Play it by ear. Do what feels good.


10 PUSHUPS (on low bar)
10 DIPS (on high bar)
10 LEG RAISE CRUNCHES (i'll explain further)


these are the bars i did the pushups and dips on. pushups on the lower one and dips with my feet on the ground and legs extended on the higher one.

this is what i used for crunches. i held the handles, and with my arms bent and back against the board, i lifted my bent legs to my chest and then back down. do this ten times without touching the ground.

i did lunges on a strip of sidewalk. 10 lunges out and 10 back. [the little one] got a kick out of this.

yes. i felt like i was in gym class, but i climbed that rope. yes. i have rope burn on my legs, but i climbed that dang rope 4 times!

next i did 20 calf raises and repeated the whole circuit 4 times. Depending upon your fitness level you can decrease the repetitions for each exercise or the number of times you do the circuit. you can also increase either the repetitions or full circuits as you get in better shape and feel up to it.

we loaded up the stroller again and ran/walked (mostly walked) back home.

this workout was quick, easy, and really gave me a good workout. if you have an outdoor park near by. try it out. let me know what you come up with and what exercises you like and don't like. what works for you and what doesn't? most of all ENJOY what you are doing and have a happy Thursday.

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