wow! i feel like it has been forever since i have last written and boy oh boy has a ton happened. lots of ups and downs, tos and fros and it has all been wonderful! life really has taken a turn for the absolutely amazing! (well despite the really annoying parts of life that scatter themselves about here and there and make it harder to see the absolutely amazing) but all in all, it really has been wonderful. we have traveled a lot, visited a lot of family and let me tell you, i am an absolute pro at flying alone with a baby! maybe i'll write a book about it sometime, entitled I AM BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A WONDERFUL SWEET BABY GIRL. it has nothing to do with me, she really is just good, so that has been a major blessing in the recent adventures. that and not being afraid to ask a complete stranger to hold your child while you assemble their stroller and car seat, while you find your carry on and proceed one handed to push the stroller and pull the suitcase. (that would be another chapter...INVEST IN A STROLLER THAT IS EASY TO PUSH) she really has been a trooper and has acquired many admirers as she worked the whole flight and smiled at everyone and played peek a boo with her neighbors.

we also spent quite a bit of time in a hotel room visiting the man, so we are working on another book about microwave dinners that would most likely consist of uncle bens instant rice and beans that require no can opener to open. why don't all cans have pop tops? i guess the can opener companies have to stay in business somehow...yeah we finally resorted to buying one :) but really we did put together some pretty good meals only in the microwave, so expect a post just on that in the next few weeks.

the next few weeks i will begin to write again, but there will sadly be no pictures. still have limited internet, but i have a surprise! i finally broke down and invested in a camera and boy oh boy am i in love!!! i have been told i should get one for a long time and finally i broke down and broke the bank at the same time, but it sure was worth it, so as soon as i move and have unlimited internet i will start posting pictures.

there is so much more going on in our life that i will fill you all in on briefly in the next few posts, but mostly i wanted to just say HI! and to let you all know that the blog is back up and running, so visited often! and i promise there is some exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned!!! we are hopefully moving in the next month and that is just the beginning!!!!

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