so i thought this would be a fun thing to try. i started photographing food that we ate this week, so i could practice a little food photography. this is the first week, so bare with me, but it should be a fun post each week. you can get a glimpse into how well the man was fed or how busy i was with other things and how we all suffered because of it! this week we ate a lot of easy foods. unpacking a house makes a very tired wife and mamma, so without further ado, i invite you to have a seat at our table.

this week we ate...


these are my mom's recipe, well i just make them how she always made them (so who knows "who's" recipe it is, but they are so simple, and so delicious. cook the ground beef with taco seasoning or anyway you like, scoop into the shells, put cheese on top and bake. (i broil mine, but i think she baked hers) i broil until the cheese melts and the shells start to slightly brown. then a little sour cream and salsa and you have yourself a meal. we added spinach just to be a little healthy :)


this was by far the best meal of the week! the tomato soup was canned, but it wasn't half bad. it was campbells zesty tomato soup and i added a little more salt (i am an addict) and pepper and it was good. but the real star of this meal was the panini. it was sour dough bread with pesto, monterey jack cheese, carmelized onions, and grilled shredded chicken. i buttered the outsides of the bread and because i don't have a panini maker i used a grill pan, placed the sandwiches down, layed foil on the top and then used another pan and squished them down. when they were browned i flipped them and squished them down again. they were soooo good!


this is a go to meal for me. the man does not like it, so i had it for lunch and also for dinner one day (he had a protein shake for dinner that night.) sourdough bread toasted with artichoke tapenade, spinach and feta. simple, but really yummy!


yep we love them! we usually do hebrew national 98% fat free cooked in a grill pan. we had onions and i topped mine with A1 and mustard. oh and some cheese!


this is one of the man's favorite meals. i use 1lb of ground beef with a half an onion diced and cooked, 1 egg, about a 1/3 cup quick oats, about 1-2 tsp garlic, and then i season it with salt, pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, oregano, basil and italian seasoning. mix together and make balls. cook in a fry pan until they brown on one side. i usually just flip mine so they are more like small rounded "patties" but they aren't completely flat. when they are just about done i add a jar of good spaghetti sauce and let them cook in that a bit longer. toast the bread and top with some Parmesan, and again we add spinach just to get some extra veggies in our life!


these have become a staple in our household. it is a recipe i came up with trying to find a quick breakfast. it is made with peanut butter, flax, sunflower seeds, agave, toasted coconut, coconut oil, oats, and....oh yeah and chocolate (can't forget that ingredient!) they are delicious!


this was an experiment a few weeks ago, but i had taken a picture, so thought i would share. it was my first attempt at quiche and it was well. rich! i would do it differently next time, but it filled my stomach and the in-laws stomachs for the night, so it served it's purpose. the crust was too thick and the sausage was too strong. i would still do the egg and cream, cheese and potato, but i would add more veggies and use a milder meat. ham or even bacon.  

i really think i am going to like this post each week! i hope you enjoyed having a seat at our table! come back next week! maybe we will have some dessert....actually i made some this week. no picture, but it was soooo good. i didn't have eggs and i really wanted brownies. i used a box brownie mix and added 3 mashed ripe bananas, 1/4 cup melted butter, and 1/4 cup water, mixed and baked as directed on the box. SOOO GOOD! 

i adapted the recipe from this one Betty Crocker one.


  1. Was wondering if you could post the recipe for the Quiche? The crust and filling if you have time!

    1. of course! i don't actually have the "recipe" exactly that i used. the quiche that the pioneerwoman made looked amazing and so i used that as a guide and substituted things that i did and didn't have. i use the crisco pie crust recipe and use the butter flavor crisco sticks. (i know disgusting, but it tastes great!)hope this helps. let me know how yours turns out!