what a weekend. it was perfect. we were able to spend a day with daddy and it was so fun! we still aren't living in the same place as him, which is hard on mom...i don't think the babe quite realizes fully he is gone, but it is hard on mom, so we made a day trip and went and visited. we woke up early and drove and the babe slept and i drove. i was in awe at how beautiful morning drives can be. it was a little foggy and the colors are just starting to change and the sun was a bright pink so there were pinks and greens and browns and it really was just MAGICAL. i wanted so bad to take a picture, but a windy two lane highway...my life and the babes was worth more than squeezing into the tiny shoulder to snap a shot, so it will just have to be frozen in my memory. when we got there and finally found where we were going it was so nice to just be with the man. it is amazing how wonderful and happy it can make you just to be with the one you love. we walked and ate and talked and played catch and sat on a blanket and played with the little one and just were. we loved being there and are so excited to move soon. we are praying that there will be a house ready for us soon, but until then we are just trying to enjoy time with grandma and grandpa and letting the man focus on his work. i drove home and while the babe slept i listened to country music (yes i love it!) and sappy love songs and drove with a grin from ear to ear. i never imagined in a million years life could be so good.

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  1. Anna, I am so happy for you, and that life is SO good for you!! You deserve it, and more! Can't wait to meet your Man someday. Love you cuz.