i haven't posted about food in a while, which by all means doesn't mean we haven't been eating, i just haven't had time to take a picture and as you know writing has become more difficult, so needless to say it has been a while. but yesterday i tried out a recipe that i really liked. the man wanted meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas for his valentines day lunch, so that is what we had. 

one of the first things i ever cooked for the man was meatloaf. i didn't make a loaf though i made a casserole dish FULL of meatloaf. it was disgusting. WAY TOO MUCH MEAT! he was so nice though and ate almost half of it over the course of the week. we had meatloaf for breakfast, for lunch, for snacks, for a side to our meatloaf...you get the picture and after that he has not wanted meatloaf since...yeah it has taken that long to recover. so when he asked me to make meatloaf i knew i needed to find a new recipe and this is the one i chose. i figured you can't go wrong with Alton Brown, so we tried it out. 

if i made it again (which i am sure i will) these are the things i would change. i would use half as much thyme and half as much cayene pepper. if you like spicy food don't adjust the cayene, but it is pretty spicy, but delicious. i would also not use the food processor for the veggies, but rather chop them all finely and saute them slightly in butter and allow them to cool before adding it to the meat and egg and crouton crumbs. just a few minor things, but it turned out really great. the cooking method of not using a loaf pan is wonderful and works great, creating a nice crust around the entire loaf. i would also make two batches of glaze so you could use the second for dipping.

sorry i dont have a great picture, but imagine a white plate with a blob of potatoes (with lots of butter, milk and sourcream, and lots of garlic and salt and pepper), a side of peas and a not so beautiful looking, quasi slice of meatloaf (we all know it is impossible to create that perfect slice). so yeah it tasted better than it looked! 

i also got to enjoy this for valentines day...the man knows me too well!
this is soooo good. it reminds me of the dark chocolate covered salted almonds from trader joes, but the chocolate is way better and there is more chocolate to nut ratio, so when you want chocolate and not almonds this is the way to go!

so yes, we have been eating quite well actually. we get in phases where i think we eat the same things over and over and over again and then move on to something else. we have been eating grilled chicken cobb sandwiches. we use hamburger buns, avocado, blue cheese dressing, bacon, lettuce and i use BBQ sauce on mine i also like melted cheddar on mine as well. hmmm what else have we been having...? rice and chicken and teriyaki sauce with veggies, cream of wheat, ice cream, yeah nothing really that exciting. maybe i will get some inspiration soon and will have something fun to share. until then. go get one of these chocolate bars! mine is staring at me right now and the only reason i am not eating it is because i don't want to brush my teeth again.

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