WOW, WHAT A SLACKER RIGHT? sorry for it being so long since i last posted...i was doing so good there for a while and then well life happened. my baby is growing up and no longer sleeps all day and i had to be an adult and go back to work and it just seems like those precious moments when i fit blogging in are very quickly vanishing. so i will do what i can, but life is GOOD! it is GREAT! it is WONDERFUL! really though, things are INCREDIBLE! 

first i found the most amazing peanut butter cookie recipe and to be honest i have never really loved pb cookies, so if you are in the need of a little fat in your diet try these on for size (okay actually better yet, don't think about your size while you eat them). we made them just plain without chocolate chips and they were delicious, i am sure the chocolate would add a nice touch though!

second my baby is growing so fast, she is also becoming quite the social butterfly. she talks and talks and talks and smiles and i just can't get enough of her. she loves having something by her face when she sleeps (just like her mama) and she absolutely loves the bath! she doesn't like to lay on the floor for very long, loves to stand and almost refuses to be put on her stomach (picky little thing...i wonder where she gets that?)

we,ve got some cheeks in this family!

 a faux hawk just like mom used to have!

we of course ate pizza this week! and we also went and saw the ducks before the man had to work one morning.

it was cold, but it was worth it. and by cold i mean chilly! can't beat green grass and ducks in february. the perks of california. sorry everyone on the east coast i hope you are enjoying the snow!

i went back to work. which to be honest has been nice. it is enjoyable to be back in the shop again to enjoy the great smell of rubber and grease and disgusting trash cans that men don't think ever need to be rinsed out and to use a mens restroom with a toilet that you have to flush by pulling the cord in the back of the toilet. so yeah the perks of my job are amazing. it is always a little weird being a woman in a "mans" world and now being a mom in that same world just made it that much more uncomfortable. i was laughing because i was trying to get a bolt off of a bmx bike and if you have ever tried, those guys think they need to torque those nuts on so tight that they are absolutely impossible to budge, so i was brought back to the reality of how not lifting a few days a week and not wrenching for months leads to some not as strong arms...with the help of a pipe for a little more leverage i got it off, thankfully! it is nice to see people that are regulars that say oh yeah you helped me last time i was here, but you were a little bigger then. it is nice to have some outside affirmation and to do something i enjoy. the little one is adjusting and so is the man and so is mom. 

the first day we all didn't think we could survive, we didn't the whole day, but we discovered five hour shifts are going to be ideal and we adjusted accordingly and the last two days of five hours have been perfect. the man is an amazing dad and the little one has been good and i have had a little break from being home and have enjoyed being around something i love so much. i have been commuting on my bike, which, PS is so much better when you aren't nine months pregnant.

i finished my abc book, still waiting for a price quote to print and i started a couple more. one with colors and another with song lyrics. so im enjoying that too. all in all life is treating us well. ill try harder this week to get stuff up. 

oh and another highlight of the week, i finally broke down and bought a new pair of jeans (a pair that actually fits), some new heels, a couple of dresses and some new shirts...thank you tax return! it feels so good to not feel like all i have in my closet is sweats and t-shirts.


  1. sounds {and looks} like a blessed life to me ~ carry on & live well!!

  2. She is so stinkin cute!! Our babies need to be friends. They seems to have similar interests and dislikes :) Don't you wish you could just tell them to stop growing?