i know sounds disgusting right? left over meatloaf. kinda gives me the heebeejeebees... no idea how you spell that, but you get the drift. not incredibly appetizing. kinda reminds me of a lunch lady and adam sandler and sloppy joes all kind of mixed into one. but all of that aside, i created the most amazing sandwich for lunch today with LEFTOVER MEATLOAF! the man even said it was the best sandwich he has ever had. (true or not gotta love being told that!)

i used a white hoagie roll, grilled with butter and garlic salt until it was crispy on the inside. then i took thick slices of meatloaf and reheated the slices in a pan until it was also crispy on the outsides. i carmelized some onions with mushrooms in butter and worcestershire sauce. the sandwich had the meatloaf, lettuce, onions, mushrooms, grated parmesan, and romano and feta. 

it was crispy, sweet, spicy, cheesy, meaty, salty, just delicious. so i know i said i would make changes to the meatloaf from yesterday, but if you want to make this sandwich (which was better than the plain meatloaf) the flavor was spot on, so don't change anything.

anyway, again, no picture...i know sorry! but it really was delicious.

we went on another walk today, did grocery shopping, enjoyed the sun, just lived life. it was really great!

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