yes that is right we have a new member of the family! his name is Fluffy in honor of my childhood goldfish! no, it is not for the little one and it is not mine, the fish belongs to the man. he decided that he wanted a fish and so we headed off to the pet store and stocked up on an aquarium, rocks, plants and of course the beloved Fluffy. Fluffy spends his days looking at the drying dishes by the sink and watching me cook meals and clean the kitchen. He enjoys swimming through the plants and eating delicious flaky food. 

i heard once at a bridal shower never to do a chore if you don't want it to become your own. for instance if a woman doesn't want to mow the lawn for the rest of her life, don't do it once. so that is my stand on the goldfish. i do not feed it, don't turn on and off it's light, will not clean the tank. so it is now an ongoing joke about whether or not i fed the fish that morning or turned on the light. NOPE sure didn't! the fish belongs to the man! but we all love it. the little one likes to look at it and i love that it takes up precious space on the kitchen counter because i really do love fish! and it was very sweet of the man to name him after the greatly missed fluffy!

my Fluffy was a large orange goldfish that swam with many other fish in our tank when i was 5 or so. my mom would rock me to sleep in the brown recliner and i would watch the fish. one day fluffy died. and we buried him out by the marigolds. whenever i see or smell marigolds i think of him. we are now so happy to have another fish to carry on the Fluffy namesake.

 welcome to the family FLUFFY!

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