this is what my morning looked like...okay maybe not from this angle, but i spent an hour on one of these. i squeezed into my cycling shorts (thank goodness for elastic), quickly fed the little one and headed out the door for a spinning class. it was wonderful, a great work out and so nice to be on something that i could pedal. my cycling shoes fit like a glove and the instructor did a great job. something i enjoy about classes is that i usually push myself much harder than i would if i were just riding alone or on the road.
it felt nice to blow off a little steam. yesterday was one of those days. you know the ones where you wonder if it will ever end. the little one was fussy, i was tired, the man was working, and negative thoughts filled my head. (hormones i'm sure), but still it was nice to wake up this morning with the thoughts gone and be able to start the day off with exercise and return home to a happy man and a happy baby.
it's been an interesting few months trying to "recover" from pregnancy and birth. i guess i always assumed, once that baby comes back so does my body, just like it was before. BOY WAS I WRONG! it takes getting used to, it takes patience (that i don't possess) it takes just coming to terms that it will NEVER be the same again, but that i got the little one out of it. sometimes that brings peace...other times i really would just like to not have  the random ailments and weight that came from being pregnant and giving birth.
Exercise is the one on the only things i have control of to get back what i want and it leaves me more patient, with more understanding and happy. 

we are all doing well. waiting for news about new employment for the man (about two more weeks) the little one is doing well, she is getting more particular (must be genetic) she is becoming more aware, getting stronger, happier, she laughs, and is starting to find interest in toys. she still hates being on her stomach (i would too, if i were her). I am doing well, i go back to work in about two weeks just two days a week (i'm still trying to come to terms with it) besides annoyance with my body and trying to figure out what to do all day with a little one, life is good. i have been loving drawing again and am on the letter J of my ABC book...it makes me excited. all in all, our life is good. we are ready to see what this week has in store!


  1. i love reading your blog because i can relate to so much of it- so many times its like you put my thoughts into words :) glad i have friends on the same page and stage as me :)