i miss germany and austria. i miss the food the people, the sounds, the air. everything! last night i was thinking about Raclette and the fireworks and how much people celebrated and welcomed the new year! i remember being in Nuremberg and Vienna for two consecutive New Years and in Nuremberg it literally felt like we were in the middle of the war because of all of the Fireworks and the next day no one was on the streets and all there was was "wreckage" (trash and fireworks) from the night before. there are too many good memories, but for the how to today i thought it would be fun to learn my favorite way of wishing someone a happy new year. so here it is 

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

literally translated: a good slide into the new year!


i didn't take these pictures, i don't have all of mine with me, but this gives you a little bit of an idea..sometimes i wonder why i don't live there! i love these places!