I am trying to type while cradling the little one in my arms at the same time. It is incredible to me that she wakes up when I lay her in her crib, but could sleep forever in my arms, even with my forearms flexing as I type certain letters and her head moving up and down…something I will never understand, but it allows me to multitask i suppose, so that I am grateful for! 

When we were in oregon we got to bless the little one. My dad did it for us and we were at our home with close friends. It was perfect. My dad bestowed a beautiful blessing on the little one and I look forward to what her life is going to hold. She already lights up my whole day and brings me more joy than I could have ever imagined. She is happy and observant and not demanding, she loves being sung to and mimicking. She loves water and the only time she gets really upset is when she has to get out of the bath.

When she was blessed she wore the same dress that I did when I was blessed. My grandma till (my dads mom) made it and it was perfect. It was perfect for me and it was perfect for her. It was a special day for all of us!

 she sure is loved

 can't get enough of these little girls, so grateful to be their "aunta"

 she is so lucky to have such amazing cousins!

so grateful for such great friends and men that were there to be a part of her blessing.

 grateful for my parents, the man and the little one. couldn't be happier!

 me when i was blessed in the same dress.

 the little one. thank you grandma till. we love you!

 exhausted from sooo many pictures!

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  1. Anna, she is soooo cute! I like the one of her smiling. She has some great cheeks!