wow three months already! my little one is getting big and beautiful and more and more wonderful everyday. she really is an angel. she sleeps, she is consolable, she smiles and just lights up our lives! i couldn't be more happy or more blessed! sorry that i have been MIA lately, it has been pretty busy around our house and in my free time i have been trying to finish up some drawings for my little ABC book. it is so nice to have such a different mindset about something than i normally do. 

usually i think i want to do a project and then psyche myself out by wanting and having to make it perfect and this time i decided. i want to make this book for the little one. that is it, purely a gift. it was and is for her. i can print others for other people and give as more gifts, but that wasn't the initial intention and it made all the difference in the world in terms of reducing my anxiety about doing something to please someone else. so as of now i have all of the letters done, but am debating on whether or not to adjust some of them, or even have been thinking about making letter books too. anyway so many fun things and fun ideas. 

like i said we have been busy, but happy. the man is still figuring out new employment options which adds stress and more unknown to our lives, but also excitement of something new. the little one is getting more needy, she is in the in between stage of wanting to move around a lot more, but has the physical inability to do it on her own, so that leaves mom to move her from place to place. and then there is me and i fill my days with cooking, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, feeding, feeding, feeding, brush teeth, cleaning, put hair in pony tail and wash face, feeding, finally get dressed, you know the drill. i actually have been trying to get up and get ready first thing in the morning and it really does make a big difference in terms of how i feel about myself and my day. i attempted going clothes shopping the other day....i'll save that for another post. until then. here is the little one helping mom do the dishes.


  1. I can't wait to see more of your drawings! Any chance there's another job opportunity in Bellingham? ;-) xo

    1. sadly no! i will email you the drawings, let me know if you have any suggestions! so excited to meet your little one!