As you probably have began to notice, i don't do very well with "recipes" I usually just throw things together and when i make something new i just read a lot of different recipes for the thing i am trying to make and then just go with it, so that is kinda what happened to this too. A while back when my family all got together my sister in law made this incredible salad that really has changed my life! it has all of my favorite flavors in it and it is healthy and delicious and is one of those foods i could probably eat every single day and never get sick of it. so for the last few days i have been! i like to make a big batch so i can do just that. in fact i am eating this right now as i type. yes i love to multi-task! So i had the exact recipe that she made for this once and then it got lost or emailed or facebooked and needless to say i don't know where it is, so i am just going to tell you how i made this batch. 


if you haven't had quinoa, you are really missing out! it is delicious and can really be eaten with anything. It does need to be rinsed before you cook it to get rid of the bitter coating it has. so rinse the amount you want. I used 2 cups for this particular batch. that then means you need about 4 cups of liquid. I just used 2 cans of chicken broth. You then just cook it like rice. bring liquid to boil, add rinsed quinoa, bring back to boil, cover and turn down heat and let simmer for about 15 minutes until liquid is absorbed. remove from heat and let cool, then put in the refrigerator. fluff with fork.

You really can use anything you like. for this one i cut up 2 cucumbers, 2 red peppers, 1 green pepper, 1/2 red onion, i small can sliced olives, it is really good with grape or cherry tomatoes, but i didn't have any. just chop all veggies and put in bowl together.


I don't know the exact measurements, but this is what i did and it turned out good. the juice of three lemons, some olive oil (i used just a little so the dressing is pretty strong, but i am trying to stay away from fat if i can), 2 TBS chopped fresh basil, i would have used more if i had more, but we all know my basil goes bad in the fridge (i need a plant!), i used some dry basil, and about 2 tsp minced garlic and a little salt. mix that all up. 

i don't put it all together and dress it all at once. i do it bowl by bowl, so the lemon of the dressing doesn't wilt the veggies. So i get a bowl add some quinoa, lots of veggies!, a little feta, and about 1-2 TBS dressing, depending on how much you like and how big that bowl is. just mix and taste and if it needs more add more. 

5. EAT!

this is by far the best part. eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, just EAT IT and LOVE IT! i'm almost to the bottom of my bowl and am quite sad, but happy because it tasted sooo good!

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