It seems like the past few days have been full of Christmas, I have been shopping, listening to talks at church about Christ, wrapping gifts and finishing the tree. our tree is little, it is simple and i love it. we had a tradition in our home when i was younger that we would get a new ornament every year. some years we picked them out, other years they were given to us. Often my dad would get them for us when he was traveling or we would get them for each other from different places around the globe. I have wanted to carry this tradition on in my own little family. I first wanted to get ornaments each year that portrayed something significant that had happened for us that year, but when i went shopping i couldn't resist these ones, so this year, we all got animals. 


(yes i love dragons, i know random, but i really do. I don't like the fiery breathing scary scaly ones, but i sure do love the cute winged ones that remind me of Puff the Magic Dragon...now the land called anna lee has a dragon.)


(yes it only has four ornaments, the fourth is a blown egg i mad in austria, but each year it will have more and hopefully next year we will have room for a bigger tree, but for now i absolutely love the little one, our stockings hang below it and it is just like a little christmas corner.)

Other than house stuff, wrapping, shopping, and living, i have been finishing the mans stocking, hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow, if so i will post a picture. Tomorrow i am  going to show you all something i have really been loving. I experimented with one gift and ended up wrapping them all the same. I have been wrapping them in old shirts, skirts, fabric. that will be the "how to" for tomorrow, so be excited. I sure am. 

Other than that, we have just been loving life. I experimented with a thai food recipe (red curry) that turned out pretty good, made a new kind of turkey meat ball that was also pretty tasty and i have a new idea for a baby play mat, so i will write more about most of these on other days, but all in all, we are all healthy, happy, and excited Christmas is coming so quickly. Have a happy week, come back tomorrow to get some ideas for gift wrapping. 

Do you decorate your tree the same way each year or do it differently?



  1. I pretty much do it the same. We just moved into our new home (a home in which I take care of my my Mother in Law) and have decided to turn the decorating of the tree over to her this year. (She's way more enthusiastic about the Christmas Tree this year, than I am. LOL)

    I will SO miss the unpacking of the ornaments and decorating the tree... Most of my ornaments are such that I have collected over the last 6 and 3/4 years of marriage- and a lot of them are ornaments that I have made out of sculpy putty that you bake. A favorite decoration that I made for the tree were a total of 8 mini stockings with various Christmas scenes on the fronts that I looped some yarn off of the top of, and hung them as well. I am a total sucker for ornaments that look older than their time and that resemble a little bit of Country Warmth. :) It's the best!

    My goal for next years Christmas is to make a popcorn and cranberry train to drape across the tree from top to bottom.

    Thank you for sharing your awesome tree with us!!! :) It will surely be a magical kind of Christmas!

    1. Christmas at your house sounds great, i am sure it is! what kinds of things did you make out of the sculpy?