Well, i can't say there is really anything new going on in our life. the man goes to work, i stay home with the little one, she is as cute as ever and is starting to smile and coo a lot more which is really fun. She loves being in the mix and so she spends lots of time in the front carrier assisting with laundry, cleaning and cooking. we made two types of cookies this week and i have concluded that i really do not enjoy baking. I would much prefer to cook something any other way than baking. we made snickerdoodles which turned out pretty good and oatmeal cranberry coconut cookies which were also good. we made the snickerdoodles for the man and the oatmeal cookies for the father in law. I rode my bike for the first time, we looked at christmas lights and have been enjoying the cool weather and days off just relaxing together. Not a ton to share today, one of my younger brothers graduated from BYU Hawaii and i am super proud of him. One of my older brothers was the first american in the Honolulu Marathon and also very proud of him. So life is good, we are excited for christmas and excited after the new year to visit grammy and gramps and for the little one to meet some of her cousins. Hope you all have an enjoyable week. 

  love her, she is such a good little helper (baking cookies)

so proud of him

and him