well here they are. i know you all have been anticipating this moment for over 24 hours and now it is finally here. I had some gifts that needed wrapping like we all do, but i have something against buying wrapping paper. I think it has to do with the fact that you buy a roll or two or ten and wrap all the gifts, it is then pulled off and thrown away. I have plenty of things in my house that could be thrown away that i don't need to buy specifically for that purpose. My mom used to use brown paper bags and so i thought this is what i will do. I got out all of my trader joes bags and began cutting. i wrapped about two and they looked horrible. This just wouldn't work. In the meantime i was finishing the mans stocking (no it still isn't finished) and so i had all of my scrap fabric out (which mostly includes old worn out clothes) i can't bear to throw them out, so i repurpose them. i grabbed a shirt, stuck a gift inside and then began sewing it closed and ta da! it happened. It worked, a few simple stiches and a new world was opened. I then grabbed the next, and the next and the next and now i know the possibilities are endless and now clothes that could have been thrown out can now be used once again before their lives come to an end. If you end up trying this show me what you come up with.

Cotton seemed to work the best because it was a little stretchy and i used a large needle and embroidery thread, both of which worked great.

To make this heart i cut a heart out of a paper bag and sewed the cloth to it.

That is all of them for now, if i do anymore i will post them. i really feel like the possibilities of this are endless, so if you decide to try it let me know what you come up with. 



  1. Love that idea. Zach's family introduced "Santa bags" to me, which are basically Christmas fabric sewn into a reusable draw-string, present bag. I like this clothing idea too. It seems like I am always trying to get rid of clothes b/c I don't wear them, but like you, I can't get rid of them. Perhaps I should use them for wrapping!

    1. i love that idea, i have been thinking about doing that as well, so many options. hope you guys are doing great!