Today is such a great day! I could go on and on and on about all of the good things, but the main thing that made today so good today is that i got to ride my bike for the first time in a really long time. I rode my bike to work when i was pregnant, but i haven't been on a real ride for months and i had my doc appt. and got the okay to exercise. let me just say i was in heaven. I rode for about 50 minutes, i didn't go incredibly fast, but it felt good just to get out and peddle. the air was cool, i was dressed just perfectly for the weather so i didn't overheat and didn't freeze (besides my ears). there were not very many cars on the road and it was just wonderful. 

I don't know if i can say this, but i am grateful for cycling. It really did change my life. I have had a bike for as long as i can remember, but when i graduated from college and started road biking everything changed. I finally lost weight i had been trying to lose for years. I found something that i could do everyday and not get sick of it, in fact i looked forward to it. Back then i had a 16 mile route and i did it almost everyday, the same one, on country roads that passed along fields. i watched the crops change on a daily basis and just loved knowing exactly what to expect. i knew how long it took and what the road was like. i rode alone most of the time and found myself being able to think and ponder while i rode. I often prayed aloud, just talking. it became my me time, i rode out frustration, sadness, confusion, but i also rode when i was happy and joyful, and just content. I loved it, plain and simple. i could look at a bike and become overjoyed and when i rode it, it just became all that much better. This love has never gone away. i love riding and through it learned that if you want to stick with something you have to enjoy it. I tried so many things and found that i did not enjoy many of them and so could not stick with it. I found through trial and error that i enjoy cycling and lifting and walking and that is about it. (i enjoy a lot of other activities as well, but for "fitness" and daily exercise these are the things that work, are easily accessible and enjoyable.  

  my faithful stead

 just got back

pure joy

I know from first hand experience how frustrating it can be trying to do a workout routine that you can't stick with, dreading it on a daily basis, and wishing so much, you could do anything besides that. (that is how i feel about running!) There are so many different things out there to try and sometimes it really takes a long time to find one that you love, but i promise when you do it will make all of the difference in the world. Don't get me wrong there are days i just don't want to excersise, but as a whole, finding something that i love makes it a lot easier. 

so start experimenting, try somehitng new, try it alone, try it with a friend or a group, join a class, or ask others what works for them. Let me know what you find and what works for you and what you love! 

Today is the start of more exercising and eating better. I rode today and am trying really hard to eat better. (the last week was not very good) I'll let you know what this week turns out to look like. have fun whatever you do and try something new if you still are struggling being consistent.


  1. I feel the same way when I go running. It is my time to be alone, focus on things, look around, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and lose weight. Thanks for sharing!

    Brad Shifflett

    1. anna- your description of your daily bike ride was perfect. i could feel the way you feel (i think so anyway:). it made me miss riding. that bike tour i did last year sold me on biking- there isnt one day that i dont wish a little that i was still out there, pedaling my existence. sigh. i used to feel that way about running but i think i grew out of it and moved to riding my bike. to sit on that hard leather seat really does feel like going home :) love your blog!

    2. it really does huh? either running or biking or anything really with that repetitive motion and chance to be outside it just creates this sanctuary! ahhhh the joy!