I made this this week and it turned out soooo good, i had to post it. It was simple and quick and so delicious.We eat pizza probably once a week and go through phases of which flavor we eat. We went through the spinach, goat cheese, carmelized onion for a while, then we did combination for a while, teriyaki chicken, ham and pineapple and i think we have found the new one. It is a cheese pesto pizza. I used white dough from trader joes. to make the pesto i used a handful of fresh basil, 4 cloves of garlic, olive oil, and some garlic salt. I put all of this in the vitamix and roughly chopped it. I didn't measure the olive oil, but didn't put enough at first for it to blend very well and so added more. (don't puree it, just rough chopped) I then spooned that out and spread it on the crust. I then topped it with monterey jack cheese and feta. I baked it on 350 until it was golden brown. Easy and DELICIOUS! (special thanks to Kilean for her help, it was totally a joint effort!...the making and the eating.)

I also made some combination and it turned out yummy like usual!

The pesto was a good change up and it was so easy! ENJOY!