This is a quick short post with a few fun ideas. I always thought i would be that mom whose little girl would never wear pink and i would re-purpose old clothes so that she could always have something on that i too could see myself in. I have a hard time finding clothes that i like even for myself. in high school and college and even now i often repurpose my own clothes. i cut my shirts, sew things on them, cut the necks, take them in, you name it I am sure i have done it to a piece of my clothing. so when i was pregnant and i couldn't find a ton of stuff that i liked for the little one, i set out to make some fun onesies for her. i got out my box of old clothes and began cutting them up and sewing pieces on to little onsesies so that the little one could have some fun shirts. It really was enjoyable and i have to say i have given in (my little girl wears pink almost everyday) . I am really not picky about what she wears and if i were her i would love to wear footie pjs everyday with no headband, so we have days of both. some days where i play dress up and somedays where we both are just comfortable. I wear sweats and she wears footed pjs. The options for these really are endless though, so have fun with it!

I just took a piece of an old shirt that said bike on it and cut it out and sewed it on.

this was from a lace cami and i cut it off of that and sewed it on here. it goes with this cute headband from the strap.

this too is a cutout from some old pjs that i had and i just sewed it on

we all know she couldn't get away with not having a biking shirt, so i drew on this with permanent marker. fabric ones i am sure would work better, it bled pretty bad, but i still love it!

again same thing with these two, just sewed on pieces of old shirts. 

anyway just some fun ideas, enjoy and let me know what you come up with!


  1. hi, nice post! i'm expecting my first, and when we found out it's a girl i too was adamant there was gonna be NO PINK!!! but i've still got 3 months to go and i'm already softening... have just finished knitting a raspberry pink cardigan! totally girly, haha...

    1. it is funny how that works and then you realize they spit up on everything, so it really just doesn't matter as much! i am so happy for you though! that cardigan is beautiful, you do such great work! i would love to send you something for your little one, i don't know if that is weird, but if you feel comfortable email me your address and i would love to send something! alandcalledannalee@gmail.com