So i totally missed Saturdays post, i know no excuse, but i was making stockings and it was just a busy day. i did walk all last week though, no biking, we were blessed with lots and lots and lots of rain. (which means snow not very far away!) The goal this week is to actually try to get to the gym a few times and also keep up the walking. I think that would be the best use of my time and the man can watch the little one while i go. 

Two of my brothers competed in the Xterra world trail running championship this past weekend, so i thought they could bring a little inspiration to us all. They took 6th and 8th. Let me tell you a little something about my brothers and dad. they all have this incredible ability to focus on one thing and become absolutely amazing at it. Whether it be running, cycling, golf, cards, basketball, music, writing, learning, articulation, you name it, if they want to do something they are able to focus and succeed. I was not blessed with that ability, to focus so intently on one thing (i like to become proficient and move on to something new) but i am inspired by all of them. I don't live close to any of them, and miss them a ton. I am grateful to have such good men in my family. I love you all and am grateful for the inspiration you give me in so many aspects of my life....Since this is about fitness, I'm grateful you inspire and motivate me to be strong and healthy. Love you all!

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