Today is FAMILY FRIDAY and i have yet again managed to make a post at the end of day...maybe i will get smarter and begin doing the post the day before. Maybe next week! Today we are going to learn how to play one of my favorite games, that became my even more favorite game in college when we switched the rules up a little bit. No, my family did not play this game today. Unfortanately the little one is too little to play for right now....maybe next week! and the man and i are too few people to play. Instead today we drove to Sacramento, CA for some potential job stuff that the man had to do. No, we are not moving north, but hopefully something will work out from it. I will let you know, when i know more, but we pretty much just drove up and back. The little one and I just went along for the ride and waited in the car because of torrential down pour while he did what he needed to do and then we drove back. Really exciting I know. I promise this game is way more fun! Actually i really enjoyed myself and the little one was yet again just perfect, she slept and when she wasn't asleep she was just content. Boy, was I blessed with a good one...knock on wood! 

Anyway, to get to this game. The game we are going to learn to play is SPOONS! and the variation is GLADIATOR SPOONS. First things first though. All you need is enough spoons for everyone (actually one less than the number of people you have.) so with 5 people you only need 4 spoons. This game works best with 5-10 people. And the only other thing you need is a regular plain old deck of cards. 

 The object of the game is to get a four of a kind and grab a spoon before anyone else. This is accomplished by placing all of the spoons in the middle of the table, so each player can reach them. Shuffle the deck and deal each player four cards face down. 

Each player now looks at their cards while the dealer lays the deck down to the left them. He then grabs the top card and then discards a card face down to the person to his right. That person then proceeds to look at the discarded card and discards one of his now five cards to the person to his right, the next person does the same thing. The dealer continues to draw and discard and draw and discard, continuing this pattern, so all players are grabbing and discarding simultaneously. 

This continues until a player gets a four of a kind. That player then discreetly grabs a spoon and continues playing so as to go unnoticed. If a player sees a spoon has been grabbed they then can follow suit and grab a spoon as well. Once one spoons is grabbed all others are fair game and the person who is left with no spoon is out and a new round begins. Don't forget at the end of each round to remove one spoon. 

Some people call it a game when two people are left. We always played that round out as well, there always had to be a winner in our family. You can choose to play how you wish. 

Now for the real FUN! GLADIATOR SPOONS. The only variation in this game is that you place the spoons across the room which requires you get up and fight to reach the spoons. It is impossible to be discreet when you have to run across the room to reach a spoon or jump over a sofa or pillows and blankets strategically placed as barriers. It ends up being pretty enjoyable.

I release all responsibility for anything that gets broken or anyone that gets broken in the playing of Gladiator Spoons, but it really is fun, just make sure to create the safest course you can.

That is all for today! I hope you all enjoy the new game. Have fun with your family and be safe!

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