I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday feasting and spending time with family and friends. One of the things my family loves to do when we get together is play SPEED SCRABBLE. This game is a lot more conducive to larger groups and groups with age gaps than the original scrabble. When we were young we used to play dad scrabble. He would usually win, this game now gives some of us an advantage, we may lack the vocabulary, but there are other factors involved it this one. I hope you make time to play this with your family. Just writing this is reminding me of times that my younger brother spelled words phonetically or those of us that speak a second or third or fourth language tried to hide words in our puzzles or argue that it was just an advantage and was NOT against the rules. It is one of our favorites! ENJOY!

You will need the Scrabble letter pieces, but not the Scrabble board.

1. There are no teams in this form of Scrabble; each person is on his or her own team. The best way to play this game is with 3 – 7 people. 

2. Each person begins with seven Scrabble tiles placed letter-side down in front of them. 

3. Place the remainder of the Scrabble tiles in the center of the round table, letter side down. With larger groups it is fun to use two sets of letters. 

4. Clear an area in front of each player on the table in front of them (be sure to clear enough room to complete your puzzle – this will be where your puzzle is formed). 

5. To begin the game, one player will say “On your mark, Get set, Go,” at which time all of the players will flip their seven pieces over and begin to form a word with the letters they have. 

6. Once one word is created, you may begin to play off of that word, as if using a scrabble board (follow the rules of Scrabble pertaining to horizontal and vertical word arrangements). 

7. Don’t forget that the point of this game is to connect your letters to make words in the timeliest manner possible. 

8. Once someone has used all of their letters they will shout “take one” and everyone must draw one tile from the center pile of upside-down game pieces. 

9. Every player must draw one tile, and they may not switch the tiles that they picked for a different ones. They must draw new pieces even if they have not used their own pieces yet. They cannot trade tiles with other players! 

10. The game proceeds in this manner until the pieces in the center of the table are gone or until there are not enough left for everyone to draw from. 

11. At this time, when the first person has used up all of their game pieces and there are no more to draw, the game is over. Each player adds up their points based on their personal Scrabble board and also adds up the point value of their remaining tiles. The point value of a player's remaining unplayed tiles is subtracted from the points based on that player's personal Scrabble board. The player with the highest point total (personal Scrabble board value - player's remaining tiles value), is the winner.

We always get a kick out of sharing the words we came up with too. Just to see what everyone came up with! This is a great game to play and a great way for kids to practice spelling and creating words.

Okay i couldn't resist...isn't she just adorable! I'm so excited to teach her to read and play this game one day!

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  1. I grew up around Scrabble – my mom would play it when she got around friends and family, and they let me play every so often