Fitness update...I fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans. (1 pair, still have a ways to go to fit into others, but it is a start!) As of today i have not lost any more weight since last week, but then again i can't say i have exercised this week and it was Thanksgiving right? That will be my excuse at least. Just kidding there is no excuse, it just is what it is. I have been struggling with scheduling and how to incorporate an infant into an exercise routine. What has worked for you? Is it best to do something with them or separate? At home or at the gym? What has your experience been and what has seemed to work the best?

These pictures were taken about a week before i found out that i was pregnant. This was mine and the little one's first mountain bike race. (i had plans to get into racing this past year, but nausea and vomiting threw that for a loop!) I give all the credit to the little one for my success (yes i accomplished the grand feat of winning the women's race of 2 people!) Anyway this is when i used to be in probably the top shape of my life. I cycled a couple times a week, usually 20-40 miles and then i had a pretty consistent lifting routine also a couple of times a week. So the goal is to return to that.

Something i have found important about setting a goal is making a plan. With no plan there is really no need to have a goal, because it more than likely will not get done. So, to accomplish this goal i will have to do some sort of cardio workout, lifting regime, and diet modifications. It is also important to have a plan that is possible to acheive. I know that it is no longer feasible to have the same plan as i had before. I can't get on a bike and leave my house for hours on end, and i am not in adequate shape to do such. I can go for an hour ride and early morning would probably be the best time to do it. (or anytime that the man is home and he can watch the little one) So this next week i am going to make a goal to go on three, 1 hour long bike rides and a daily walk with the little one. 

The next step is determining a weight lifting plan or some type of strength training. All of this can be done at home. I am going to start out by doing pushups and abs (still have to research what is okay to do at this stage of the game.) calf raises, and squats. I will do these all daily during the little ones morning nap before i get ready for the day. I am not sure about sets and reps (i will report that next week). 

Diet modifications won't be too tough seeing as though i think this last week i actually did a good job at eating better. The one issue that i did notice is that i am neglecting my diet because i have a tighter schedule. I have other things that i want to do, so my meals get put on the back burner. I did just go grocery shopping today, and made sure to get plenty of fresh fruit and veggies and plan to make a delicious quinoa salad (i'll post the recipe soon) so that i can eat that when i don't want to prepare something else. And i can snack on fruits and veggies rather than leftover halloween candy (even though i consider snickers bars rather healthy options...don't judge me, i learned it from my mother. nuts and chocolate constituted a meal in our house.) I believe in eating all types of food, carbs, protein, everything just in moderation. I have spent years trying all sorts of things and nothing works for me besides a well balanced diet and excercise. You will notice this from my recipes. I love food, i eat things in moderation, but i do consume cheese and butter, meat, and bread and i enjoy every minute of it. I will write more about my food philospophy later, but this week I plan to eat balanced meals and limiting my sugar/treat intake also being sure to consume plenty of water.

So looking back the plan is to:

- BIKE THREE TIMES THIS WEEK (1 hour each time)





i will let you know how it goes. again i would love to hear your feedback on what type of schedule works the best for you to maintain a workout routine with or without kids. Let me know what your fitness goals are and how you plan to achieve them! We can get in shape together! What ever you do, enjoy it. Find something you love and do it. Have a great weekend!


  1. when my kids were little I used to wait till the youngest had naps and then i would skip,with a skipping rope,on the wooden deck for 20 minutes.

    1. Susan that sounds like a great idea! I totally forgot about skipping rope. Great workout and doesn't require a lot of time. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It's called a jump rope. Duh. Skipping is what that girl with red shoes did on the yellow brick road.

  3. Every heard of BodyRock (bodyrock.tv)? It's a phenomenal at-home workout site. They post new workouts almost every day. They are 12 min high intensity interval training workouts that you can modify depending on your strength/condition. And you can find things around the house to use for weights if you want/need. Word of warning - focus on the workouts, ignore everything else (it's a little scandalous).