We went on our first walk today. It felt good for mom to get out and get some exercise and the little one slept through the entire thing. It was beautiful. It was cool, but not cold, it was just getting dark, so there was no harsh sun, leaves lined the sidewalks, and the air was still. I loved just walking with the little one, i wish she would have been awake so i could tell her about the trees and the leaves, the cars, the flowers, everything. Having a child makes me so aware of everything that is going on around me. What people are saying, what she is hearing, what she is seeing, what she is smelling. I love to tell her about all of the little things that we have in our lives. 

My life has been great lately. I love every moment. Thanksgiving was great, and the tree is set up for Christmas. This week i plan to make stockings for the whole family and find ornaments to put on the tree. I have been thinking about traditions and what I want to do for the holidays this year and the years following. What are some of your favorite family traditions for the holidays? 


  1. One tradition that Ryan and I started back in 2006 is to write our Savior a letter. We take private time to write to our Lord about all of the blessings we are grateful for, the lessons we have learned, and what we would like to improve upon in the upcoming year. We place our letter in an envelope, seal it, and write our name with the year. We then place our letters in a special christmas box that looks like a present, and we keep it under the tree. We call this, "Our gift to Christ."

    I don't know, it was just a simple way to interject our gratitude and recognition of the 'reason for the season.' :)

    1. Ashley that is a great idea? do you open them the next year or keep them all sealed together?