I'm done! it isn't perfect, but it is finished! Binding proved to be the most difficult part, partly because I had never done it before and second because i was trying to experiment using two pieces of satin ribbon sewn together so i could get a thick binding. it worked, but like i said I'm sure the next one will be better. It was fun though, now i just have to determine the next project...Any ideas?

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  1. Anna- Do you remember the skirt you made in high school that was all done in neck ties? I thought it was the greatest idea :) I'm guessing you could sell a few of those if you so chose... But for a next project idea, I thought about how much you like to cook and think you should try to make an apron! Anna- once you wear one, you won't go back, LOL :) I have a couple that I sport from time to time. Or a really fun and typically "easy" project to start out on are couch or bed pillows! Super fun and easy to match to your style and personality. :) Just some ideas! Great blog Anna Lee!