When I was younger one of my favorite breakfasts was toast with peanut butter sliced bananas and syrup. This breakfast proved to be way better! I tried to make a peanut butter caramel, but ended up having the heat too high and it burned, so i resorted to taking two bananas not completely ripe (not green, but firm) and sprinkling them with sugar then taking about 2Tbsp. of butter and about 3 Tbsp. of brown sugar and putting all of that in a pan together just "sauteing" it until the caramel melted and thickened a bit and the bananas become just a little cooked. I melted the butter before adding the other ingredients so it only took about two minutes or so. I wouldn't suggest cooking it any longer or your bananas will get mushy. This was a great amount of time because the bananas were sweet from the caramel, but slightly sour because of their greeness. I cooked up some bacon, which is my kryptonite, but figured i was already splurging so why not have a bit more fat. And then made french toast how my mom used to make it. 

I took six eggs which was too many for how many pieces i wanted to make but i just had left over batter. I put two "blurps" of milk in it. Yeah that is right 2 blurps. It is acutally a measurement. You take the milk and go blurp blurp. Perfect 2 blurps! Then added cinnamon and vanilla again about two blurps of vanilla and sprinkled the cinnamon on top. Mixed that all together until it was smooth and then dipped the bread in it and then cooked in a little butter until brown on both sides. Cut in half and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. It was DELICIOUS! I did have whip cream on hand and so i added that to mine which i thought was really good. When i was a kid my mom used to just throw the french toast in the waffle iron which is also very good especially if you like butter on your french toast it melts into the squares. 

Anyway, great breakfast this morning, I hope all dads out there have a great fathers day! And i hope you get to eat some good food!

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